Diploma in Project Management

Introduction: This Program is of great value to all kinds of managers, businessmen, administrators, executives and entrepreneurs as it teaches the skills essential for effective project management. Projects benefit enormously from a professional approach to project management and the use of proven project ideas and methods; from a small event to a large industrial project, careful organization, planning and control is needed. This Program gives a practical introduction to project management from start to completion, and is essential for career success in this respected field.

Major Topics Covered in this Diploma Program include:
  • Project management, managers, people involved; project objectives; the time/cost/quality relationship. Customer project specifications; design, production, development; contractors; project checklists.
  • Project organization: matrix, functional, hybrid; project teams, support, cooperation, communication. Analysing and planning project tasks, work breakdown, designing work code systems; big projects.
  • Project costs: fixed, variable, direct, indirect, accuracy; estimating, costing format, profit vulnerability. Project planning; bar charts, critical path networks, diagrams, milestones, resource constraints, timescales.
  • Resource scheduling, computer systems and network analysis; monitoring projects; reports, risks. Project implementation, authority, design standards, control schedules, actually getting started.
  • Specifying requirements, purchasing and supplier selection; orders, documents, shipping, quality. Cost management and budgets; materials, equipment, services; performance analysis, profitability.
  • Changes during projects, agreeing and authorizing changes, design freeze, emergency changes. Managing progress, schedule updates, control systems, corrections; finishing projects and closure.
  • Level 4  Managerial and supervisory level  Competence & knowledge in professional work activity  Progression? - Yes, including Honours Diploma in Business Development, BPA and BLA Programmes

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