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The goal of education and training is the advancement of knowledge and the dissemination of truth. Indeed, well managed training will usually add more value, often far more value than it costs. Through education and training, companies can develop core competencies and this explains why some companies outperform others considering that people are often the key resources.

Welcome to Zonal Training Institute where professioanls and learning activities never end and the students moulded as future technocrats, professionals, and business leaders. Zonal Training Institute works on the vision to become one of the leading centers of teaching, research and extensions in the field of shipping, logistics and supply chain management. We instill our students with the strength of character, self confidence, technical competence and leadership in management of shipping, logistics and supply chain activities.

Zonal Training Institute constantly scans the development in shipping, ports, borders, logistics and supply chain activities and act proactively to meet the challenges and minimize the cost of doing business. We propagate knowledge to the students with the help of a dedicated state of the art resource center and well equipped, qualified and dedicated lecturers

Zonal Training Institute has an enviable track record of producing the best students in the world in shipping examinations (ICS -UK) and professional excellence which is coupled with hands on industrial training and innumerable industry - Institute interaction which makes our students ready to be absorbed in the industry.

As part of Zonal Training Institute commitment towards quality training and excellence, we embarked on promoting seminars, workshops and conferences which will keep the industry stakeholders and our students abreast of their field.

On behalf of Zonal Training Institute, I invite you to embark on a lifetime partnership with our institute and wish you every success in your studies.

J. O. Ochieng, MBA, FICS

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